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    inFocus: Darlene Smith

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    Topics Include:

  • Gang Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Character Education
  • Leadership Cultivation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Esteem Enhancement
  • Peer Mediation
  • Parent Workshops
  • Staff Development Trainings


    Darlene Smith was born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York City, where she attended public school and decided to work in the field of human services at an early age. She landed her first job as a peer tutor for the New York City Board of Education.

    Darlene worked in the field of Special Education for eight years and completed a four year degree in the field of Human Services "with distinction" at Audrey Cohen College in Manhattan. As a result, she has held positions as the manager of a �Tier II� family shelter, a drug and alcohol counselor on Riker�s Island, and the unit supervisor in a private correctional organization in the state of New Jersey. In addition, she has also trained personnel in the fine points of professionalism while presenting seminars on communication skills and "Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy," for which she designed her own curriculum.

    Her volunteer efforts include:

  • the New Jersey Probation Department: Offender Aid and Restoration
  • "Girl Talk"
  • the Juvenile Auto Theft Prevention Program
  • Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse of Essex County

    Darlene is currently the Substance Abuse Evaluator for the Superior Court of Essex County. In this position, she conducts assessments and referrals for juveniles involved with the judicial system, thereby assisting them and their parents to design and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    She holds certification in group and family counseling, grief therapy, assertive communication, conflict management and crisis intervention. Her favorite topics are: leadership cultivation, communication, the dynamics of change, and relationships.

    Program Titles

  • Dealing With Popularity
  • Understanding Peer Pressure
  • Leadership that Counts!
  • Positive Benefits of Single Parenting
  • The Dynamics of Change
  • Letting Down the Drawbridge
  • The 5 Key Areas of Growth

  • Focus OnDarlene Smith
    Photo of Darlene Smith


    "It is both an honor and a privilege to acknowledge her priceless contribution to the improvement of the human experience and condition. On many occasions, I have witnessed her enter a room, present a cascade of inspiration filled with love and compassion, empathy and truth; and feel the emotions of despair, and discouragement melt away." -- Barry A. Grant, Case Manager, Offender Aid and Restoration of Essex County Inc.

    "Darlene has enticed and aroused idle, stunted, and irrational minds with thought-provoking practices that forced individuals to view themselves and others outside themselves using interactive approaches." -- Gwendolyn Bynum, MS, Probation Officer, Essex Vicinage

    "She was amazing! The students were so impressed with her that we had to extend the classroom period to accommodate the number of questions that came as a result of her presentation. She made them think about the power of words and how words can hurt just as much as they can heal." -- Daisy Rocha, M.A., SAC, New Brunswick Public Schools

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