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  • All About Anger A comprehensive, profound, and innovative new approach to Anger Management.

  • Freedom From Fighting Resolving Conflicts, Disagreements and Disputes with Clarity, Confidence and Consistency.

  • Are You Absolutely Positive? How to develop your "Negatives" into "Positives" for a new attitude and approach to life.

  • Aspirations, Ambitions & Achievements Identifying and fulfilling your Dreams, Desires and Goals.

  • Profound Awareness Discover the 4 Key Principles of "Intentional Living" for a Powerful New Life!

  • Dealing With Really B.A.D. People (Bullies, Aggressive & Difficult) Learn key strategies to diffuse and smooth the Rough, Tough and Gruff.

  • Lighten Up - Stress Management A creative and light-hearted approach to dramatically reducing and creatively managing stress.

  • To Thine Own Self Be True A Soul-Searching Journey of Introspection and Self-Revelation.

  • Who's In Charge Here? Take Control of Your Life with introspection, self-awareness, empowerment and dream fulfillment.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Build Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Image!

  • Did You Hear About...? Everything You Need to Know About Rumors and Gossip.

  • Drive to Survive The Frightening Truth About Road Rage and Aggressive Driving.


    An internationally known speaker and award winning author, Janet Pfeiffer continues to be one of today's most highly sought after seminar leaders. Her warmth, sincerity, knowledge, and humor flavored with personal stories of trauma to triumph, evokes a profound awareness in her audience that her words are directed at each individual personally, enabling them to develop a more positive response to life.

    As one of the nation's leading authorities in the field of anger management and conflict resolution, Janet serves as a consultant to such companies as the U.S. Postal Service, Hoffmann-La Roche, Rutgers University, Carnival Cruise Lines, and more. She is a registered provider for the New Jersey Education Association and works extensively in schools throughout New Jersey. Additionally, she is also a board member for the World Addiction Foundation and is employed as a counselor and program director at a battered woman's shelter and day care center.

    Janet Pfeiffer in actionJanet has spoken at the United Nations, Notre Dame University (for the NACSDC National Conference), has served as committee member and keynote speaker for the YWCA National Week Without Violence Campaign, and is a member of the National Police Suicide Foundation. She has co-hosted her own radio talk show and has been a contributing write to Living Solo Magazine. She is also a member of NJAWBO, Refresh and Renew, and A Vision in Motion Speaker's Bureau.

    As a personal coach and private consultant, Janet is a frequent guest on radio and TV and has been highlighted by NBC News. She has been nominated for many prestigious awards including the Russ Berrie "Make a Difference Award", and has been presented with SOS "Positive Life Force" and "AOH" awards. She has achieved recognition as an award winning author, photographer, and race walker. (1994/1995 NJ Gold Medalist; 1994/1995 National Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist in marathon competition), and is also listed in the "Who's Who in Authors."

    In 2001, Janet founded "Reunion of Hearts"; Reconciling and Reconnecting Estranged Families", the nation's first non-profit support group of its kind, dedicated to the emotional healing and reuniting of estranged family members.

    Janet offers programs especially designed for college and university staff, students, and administrators, and university clubs and organizations. Using profound understanding of the subject matter plus savvy strategies for implementing positive change, your organization can undergo a dramatic improvement in the overall collegiate environment and prepare students for the workplace. Greater communication between students and professors, co-workers, increased support and team effort, a reduction in arguments and disputes, significantly less stress, and a greater focus and personal pride in goal achievement are just a few of the many extraordinary changes you will experience.

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    "Janet Pfeiffer is one of the most powerful speakers of our time. Her programs are packed full of amazing information and simple practical skills to create dramatic change in your life." -- Kim W., Florida

    "Spend one evening with Janet and your life will never be the same!!" -- Joseph S., New Jersey

    "Refreshing! Insightful! Powerful! Better than Dr. Phil!!" -- Kathy P., Hoffman LaRoche

    "We really enjoyed your presentation on anger management at our recent conference. The feedback from our counselors was extremely positive! Everyone looks forward to seeing you again at our next program in October." -- Bill Reilly, EAP Counselor, US Postal Service

    "Do not miss the opportunity to experience Janet Pfeiffer at her best! She is an incredible speaker who will have you laughing, crying, and searching your soul for the keys to living an extraordinary life!" -- Richard W., Indiana

    "Kudos for a terrific, upbeat presentation on "Charting Your Career Course For Prosperity"! Everyone at Work Talk agrees that you'll have to return soon and share more of your expertise, insights and suggestions." -- Marion Karpen, Pres., CEO, Founder, Work Talk

    "Janet's humor, warmth, and down-to-earth approach make it so easy to connect with her. She has lived what she teaches and is an inspiration to all." -- Darleen K., Pennsylvania

    "If you want a remarkable life, go to a remarkable source, Janet Pfeiffer. She is AWESOME!" -- John D., New York

    "Thanks for an excellent workshop on anger management and conflict resolution! Everyone commented that it was the best program we've ever had. Look forward to working with you again in the near future." -- Leo DiFanzo, Marketing Manager, Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc.

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