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Setting the tone, tuning-up, broadening horizons ...

Imagine a speaker delivering a message so powerful and so compelling that in an hour he or she has almost magically transformed the lives of an audience forever. Imagine a group of individuals who have committed their lives to breaking down barriers of fear by captivating audiences with their dynamic stories and heartfelt insights. Imagine being inspired to take action by a speaker long after his or her presentation.

Is this a dream?  Yes it is.  Could it be your reality?  Absolutely.

A Vision in Motion is a unique speakers bureau that delivers expert motivational speakers who offer a variety of life-enhancing topics that are paramount to today's society. Our audiences include K-12 schools and camps, colleges and universities, local and state government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations through our presentations, keynotes, workshops, and other specialized trainings.

Our inspirational presenters have all overcome tremendous personal adversities by rising above the physical, emotional, mental, and environmental obstacles in their quest for rewarding lives. They have harnessed their experiences into powerful custom-designed presentations that they uniquely deliver with one objective: to help people find their own inner strength and purpose in life.

Our team of experienced speakers and trainers will inject and infuse new ideas and strategies that will stimulate your organization from the inside out. We will inspire your group and ignite the motivation within each individual in these tough times. Our presentations will uplift team members and provide specific content area refreshers that will increase productivity while boosting self-esteem and confidence throughout the work environment.

The goal is for people to return to their work station, office, board room, daily tasks invigorated and renewed with a new sense of optimism in a time of seemingly impossible market conditions. There has never been a time in history that our recipes for overcoming adversity have been more relevant and attainable and the importance of hearing first-hand stories of success and strategies for accomplishing personal and professional goals is paramount.

For your company or organization, this can signal the dawn of a new era.

Welcome to our vision. Welcome to A Vision in Motion.

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