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Self-esteem Enhancement

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Self-esteem Enhancement
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      Scott Chesney
    [bio page]
    Scott Chesney

    Scott has suffered a rare stroke in his spinal cord which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He has spent his life helping make a positive difference in the lives of students. Scott has made two world tours, visiting over 30 countries and speaking to over a million children around the globe. He uses his own life-changing experiences as an example to help others accept and conquer their own challenges through self-esteem enhancement.

      Derrick Watkins
    [bio page]
    Derrick Watkins

    Derrick grew up in a rough neighborhood, but managed to find his way through the maze of distractions as a scholar athlete. He is devoted to giving back to help children find positive outlets. Derrick motivates kids to find greatness within themselves and teaches them to share these qualities with others. He inspires teens to harness their full potential without bowing to peer pressure. Earning a Masters degree in social work, Derrick has the solid professional background to help children.

      Paul S. Wichansky
    [bio page]
    Dr. Paul Stuart Wichansky

    A passionate speaker whose contagious enthusiasm has motivated students for 32 years, Dr. Paul has delivered thousands of captivating programs that describe the positive perspectives and realities of growing up with cerebral palsy. He has captivated students at peer leadership conferences, motivated thousands of athletes and coaches at the Special Olympics, and inspired government representatives at the United Nations. Dr. Paul shares personal experiences with humor to instill a sense of hope and inspiration that motivates his students to realize their own goals and dreams.

      Cornelius Barker
    [bio page]
    Cornelius Barker, M.A.

    A former gang member who became a school administrator, Cornelius' world was one of constant trials and tribulations. Serving for more than 25 years as a classroom teacher and administrator, he delivers motivational lectures that help students re-evaluate themselves and their interaction with peers. He lectures to school and community groups on the topic of cognitive & behavioral trends exhibited by today's youth, and in the process, he develops respectful disciplines over oppressed young minds.

      Dan Occhiogrosso
    [bio page]
    Dan Occhiogrosso

    Living for something bigger will always improve self-esteem. Dan Occhiogrosso gained his self-worth and self-image not from focusing on how special and unique he was, but rather by living life for something bigger than himself.

      Eddie Slowikowski
    [bio page]
    Eddie Slowikowski

    Eddie is The Ultimate Winner. From his days as a Gold medal track star to his current position as the country's premier speaker, Eddie's elite training, dynamic style and interactive programs make for a fun and winning ride. Eddie speaks to thousands of students, teachers and business men and women each year, having developed a vast array of programs and presentations that are customized to fit the needs of each audience.

    Self-Esteem Enhancement

    Program Objectives:

    To help each student build a newfound confidence within him or herself so that the student can be prepared mentally and emotionally for any event that unfolds in their environment.

    The presentations are also designed to help students heighten their awareness to the needs of other students and how their belief and confidence in themselves could be transferred to others to help them with their issues and challenges. The program aims to create a respect and acceptance of one's mind, body, and spirit while honoring the same attributes in others.

    Program Highlights:

    Through positive affirmations, creating empowering daily routines, and building a strong work ethic, students will begin to empower and motivate themselves into believing that anything is possible as long as there is a confidence and a trust in oneself.


    "Thank you for providing such an inspirational message to the young people in the Career Awareness Program at our Fall Harvest Weekend: Celebrating Cultural Diversity. Campers wrote comments like, "The way you made us feel like we could anything was amazing!" -- Miriam Seidenfeld, Director, Career Awareness Day, The Fresh Air Fund, New York, New York

    "You had engaged all the children as they sat and listened to your life experience and advice. It was great how you established the children's respect. A mother telephoned me saying how her boys came home and discussed nothing but you." -- Emilia Sadonis, Cultural Arts Chairperson, Our Lady of the Lake School, Verona, New Jersey

    "Sometimes when you get down on things in your life, your speaker seems to be just what you need to ground yourself and appreciate everything taken for granted." -- Kristen L. Farrell, Teacher

    "You gave me so much hope and shed a big beam of light in my path of darkness. Don't ever stop motivating others. You have changed my life and I bet millons of others. So I thank you! When I finish school I will sent you a copy of my diploma and its going to read: "Thank you, this ones for you!" Love Always." -- Amanda, student

    School Programs: Self-esteem Enhancement

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