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    For over 20 years, Roger Crawford has been serving up grand slam programs to audiences throughout the world. As a professional speaker, he works with organizations that want to achieve success despite the obstacles, in order to inspire a winning attitude towards work and life. Sports Illustrated calls Roger one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world. Besides being a tennis pro, he has been inducted into three separate halls of fame because of his amazing accomplishments.

    Roger became the first and only athlete with four impaired limbs to compete in an NCAA Division One college sport, and to be certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association. As a result of his athletic accomplishments, he was inducted into the Loyola-Marymount University Athletic Hall of Fame.

    As a professional speaker, Roger was awarded the distinguished CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame designation. This is a lifetime honor for speaking excellence presented by the National Speakers Association. And, for achieving outstanding success regardless of the barriers, Roger was inducted into the National Hall of Fame for Persons With Disabilities. Roger's life affirming story was featured in the original Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He has also been interviewed on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and has been featured in well known publications such as USA Today, Tennis magazine, and Men's Fitness magazine. He was also featured in the Emmy Award winning television movie, In a New Light.

    As a successful author, Roger's inspiring road to victory is detailed in his autobiography, Playing From the Heart. And in his second book, How High Can You Bounce?, he demonstrates the power of resiliency.

    A recognized champion on and off the tennis court, Roger Crawford is a living example that all of us have the capacity to achieve.


  • HOW HIGH CAN YOU BOUNCE: Achieve Success Despite the Obstacles (keynote, 45 to 90 minutes)

    Because we live and work in a rapidly changing world, rebounding from daily stresses and setbacks is essential for balance, happiness and achievement. In this program, learn how to bounce back faster, stronger, and wiser. You can triumph over tough times, harness your inner strength, and view obstacles as opportunities. Being resilient doesn't guarantee you won't get knocked down, but it DOES mean you won't get knocked out. There is no limit to How High You Can Bounce.

    Be empowered to turn your setbacks into comebacks.

    Handle constant change by maintaining your "bouceability."

    Learn secrets of resilient thinking and resilient leadership.

    Apply the nice components of resilience to your life.

    Understand the Bounce Factor of successful people.

    Improve performance, and move beyond your competitors.

  • PLAYING FROM THE HEART: Achieve a Winning Attitude Towards Life and Work (keynote, 45 to 90 minutes)

    Your beliefs, positive or negative, shape your behavior. What new beliefs will stimulate positive change in your life and lead you and your organization down the road to victory? The disabling roadblocks for most people are their perceptions of their abilities and limitations. This program exposes these barriers and inspires individuals and organizations to blast through them with boldness, optimism and courage. When you have an exceptional attitude in the face of adversity, you make your life the exception. Playing From The Heart, is a speech that goes straight to your heart and inspires a winning attitude towards life and work!

    Break through self-limited thinking.

    Respond positively to negative situations.

    Ignite determination and ingenuity.

    Develop a clear sense of purpose.

    Learn the power of a winning attitude.

    Resist discouragement and keep enthusiasm alive.

    National Television Appearances:

  • Good Morning America
  • Heroes Made in the USA
  • Inside Edition
  • You Asked for It
  • CNBC
  • Real People
  • Hour of Power
  • NBC Movie: In a New Light (Emmy Award winning television movie)

    National Magazine & Newspaper Articles:

  • Men's Fitness
  • Tennis Magazine
  • In Motion
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Sam's Club Magazine
  • USA Today


    "You exhibit what can be called 'true grit' in all that you do. You have forgotten whatever 'handicaps' others may have assigned to you, and have concentrated on the God-given talents you so proudly display." -- Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States

    "The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I was quite overwhelmed myself when I walked up to the stage to thank you and saw 600 people on their feet applauding with great energy." -- AT&T

    "Roger was rated the best speaker our general managers have ever seen." -- Marriott International Hotels and Resorts

    "Words and phrases like 'outstanding,' 'phenomenal,' 'very inspirational,' and 'the best' are consistently used by our attendees when describing your talk. Your energy, professionalism, and humor enabled you to easily connect your message of resiliency is appropriate for any group." -- Nike

    "I can't adequately express my appreciation for all you delivered to our attendees (more than 40 countries). I feel sure the full impact of your talk will not only be felt by society in these next few years, but could well extend into future generations." -- Million Dollar Round Table

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