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Self-esteem Enhancement. Conflict Resolution. Disability Awareness. Anti-Drug & Violence Programs.
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    Colleges and Universities

    Please complete the following form and a Vision in Motion representative will promptly respond to your inquiry. We ask that you provide as much specific information as possible so we can most effectively serve you. Our presentations will be customized to fit the program topic and grade levels of the students attending your college or university.

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    Topics for your Target Audience
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    Please check off all of the topics that interest you:

    Orientation Programs Multicultural Awareness
    Residence Life Training Student Life & Leadership
    Drug & Alcohol Education Disability Awareness Days/Months
    Faculty Workshops Guest Speakers for Courses
    Academic Integrity Programs Commencement Address
    Yes, I am interested in residence life & staff development workshops


    Frequency of Desired Programs
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    Various programs throughout the academic year
    Have any suggestions or special requests for us? Please describe them below.


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