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Scott ChesneyScott Chesney
Scott has spoken to over one million individuals in 38 countries, ranging from the United Nations to Fortune 500 corporations. By offering a combination of personal experiences from living life to its fullest with paralysis, incredible adventures from two world tours, and integrating the most fascinating current events affecting the world today, Scott's motivational programs continue to receive standing ovations from the hundreds of thousands he addresses each year.
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Gian Paul GonzalezGian Paul

Gian Paul delivered the now famous "ALL IN" rally cry message during the Giants' 2011 chapel service and is now widely recognized as having inspired the New York Giants to their Super Bowl victory. He has been featured on ESPN, Fox News and CNN. He has traveled across the nation as a motivational speaker for the NBA's Portland Trailblazers, at West Point Military Academy, as well as to many other corporate, athletic, government agencies, and educational institutions.
[Gian Paul's biography]
Dr. Paul Stuart WichanskyDr. Paul S. Wichansky
A passionate speaker whose contagious enthusiasm has motivated others for 35 years, Dr. Paul has delivered captivating awareness programs that describe the positive perspectives and realities of growing up with his cerebral palsy. By sharing personal experiences with humor, and encouraging his audiences to ask questions that help shape their understanding of people with disabilities, Paul tries to instill a sense of hope, energy, and inspiration that encourages them to realize their own goals and dreams
[Dr. Paul's biography]
Greg BennickGreg Bennick
Greg's own "Get Involved!" presentations blend comedy, juggling, fun audience participation, and a powerful message about personal transformation. Greg's clients include Fortune 1000 companies, associations, universities, and other groups worldwide. With over 20 years of professional entertainment and speaking experience, Greg is a guaranteed sure-fire hit. When you want to engage your entire group in a fun and unforgettable experience, look no further.
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Robert DanzigRobert Danzig
Bob is a highly successful corporate executive, author and speaker. He grew up from a childhood spent in five foster homes to two decades as nationwide head of The Hearst Newspaper Group and vice president of The Hearst Corporation. His stories remind the audience that the steps to excellence are vested in Mindset, Motivation, Attitude, and Self-esteem. His goal is to be an instrument for renewed affirmation that every single person is worthwhile.
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Rick ShapiroRick

A former Ringling Bros. clown, Vietnam veteran, comedy writer for television and stage, and special events company owner, Rick offers educational, entertaining, and motivational programs. His captivating presentations are developed to teach the importance of humor and the positive effect that laughter has on our lives. Rick is also known as "The Stress Doctor" and has presented to groups across the country.
[Rick's biography]
Barbara CorcoranBarbara Corcoran
Despite poor academic performance and over 20 jobs by the time she turned 23, Barbara Corcoran became one of the country's most successful entrepreneurs, creating a multi-billion dollar real estate business. As a speaker, Barbara brings her front-lines experience and infectious energy to every person she meets. Motivational, inspirational, and sometimes outrageous, Barbara's tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach to success.
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Kathy BuckleyKathy Buckley Kathy was born with a hearing loss that went undetected until she was eight and led to believe she was mentally retarded. She was sexually abused, run over by a car, and stricken with cancer all before the age of thirty. Rather than being consumed by grief, Kathy sought the light of laughter. She went on to become a top female comedienne, an award-winning author of a one-woman show, a PBS special, and a book.
[Kathy's biography]

Eddie SlowikowskiEddie
is The Ultimate Winner. From his days as a Gold medal track star to his current position as the country's premier speaker, Eddie's elite training, dynamic style and interactive programs make for a fun and winning ride. Eddie speaks to thousands of students, teachers and business men and women each year, having developed a vast array of programs and presentations that are customized to fit the needs of each audience.
[Eddie's biography]
Roger CrawfordRoger Crawford
Roger was born with severe physical disabilities. Against all odds, he became a tennis champion who competed against able-bodied college athletes. As a result of his unyielding determination over disadvantage, Roger not only achieved victory in the world of sports but also in his career and personal life. Because of his remarkable accomplishments, he has been inducted into three distinguished halls of fame.
[Roger's biography]
Paul MladjenovicPaul Mladjenovic Paul was born in a communist country and immigrated to the U.S. with no money and no knowledge of English. He struggled through poverty throughout his life and became self-employed in the face of financial and social hardships. A success story, Paul now enjoys helping others achieve prosperity by assisting them in investing, earning, and saving money while emphasizing the importance of financial and personal security.
[corporate biography]
Janet PfeifferJanet Pfeiffer
Janet is an internationally known speaker and award-winning author who is recognized as a leading authority in the field of anger management and conflict resolution. Her warmth, sincerity, knowledge, and humor flavored with personal stories of trauma to triumph, evokes a profound awareness in her audience that her words are directed at each individual personally, enabling them to develop a more positive response to life
[Janet's biography]

Robert LemonRobert

As a renowned professional speaker, film producer, and television personality, Robert has risen to prominence by delivering a high energy message which inspires others to take responsibility for their lives and live up to their greatness. After serving his nation in the U.S. Air Force, Robert was employed by the Postal Service and received outstanding awards for his skills and leadership. He has also written and produced a captivating documentary which shares his mentoring experiences with NFL and college athletes.
[Robert's biography]
Victor PaciniVictor
Victor has taken his lifelong passion for singing to a new and exciting level by helping students realize the importance of respecting themselves and others. A survivor of sexual abuse, his inspirational programs incorporate the adversities he has overcome into a multi- dimensional format that presents a variety of thought-provoking concepts and lessons through original songs, words of wisdom, and captivating images.
[Victor's biography]
Darlene SmithDarlene
Darlene draws upon many years of experience helping others in positions ranging from special education teacher, manager of a family shelter, a drug and alcohol counselor on Riker's Island, and the unit supervisor in a private correctional organization. She currently works with both juveniles and adults involved in the judicial system as a Substance Abuse Evaluator. Her presentations on leadership and conflict resolution are highly sought after.
[Darlene's biography]
Derrick WatkinsDerrick Watkins Derrick Watkins is a nationally known motivational speaker, trainer, relationship coach and handwriting and face reading expert. He delivers customized keynotes, workshops, school assembly programs, and other specialized trainings. Derrick has more than twenty years experience helping others inprove their performance so they can reach their full potential.
[Derrick's biography]

Teddy AtlasTeddy

Teddy has transformed himself from a juvenile delinquent into a world-renowned boxing trainer and television personality who has started his own charitable foundation. His presentations emphasize the need for personal integrity as a guiding force in making the proper choices at the right times. Teddy was taught to be a trainer by the legendary Cus D'Amato and has trained fighters like Mike Tyson and Michael Moorer.
[Teddy's biography]
Dr. Rob GilbertDr. Rob Gilbert
Dr. Gilbert is one of the world's leading experts on Sport Psychology. As a college professor, Dr. Gilbert has spent the last 20 years researching the mental skills of dedicated athletes, successful business executives, and highest earning sales people. As a professional speaker, he has also addressed audiences as diverse as cadets at the United States Military Academy to Fortune 500 companies.
[Dr. Gilbert's biography]
Billy AyresBilly Ayres Billy has created and directed original plays in all kinds of venues, including homeless shelters, community centers, and public and private schools. He has created and mastered a technique he uses with children and adults called Improvisational Integrated Music & Drama (IIMD). He has worked with many well-known artists, sung national commercials for T.V. and radio, and performed cartoon voices internationally for the Fox TV network. Billy holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and is a certified teacher.
[Billy's biography]
Rafael AddisonRafael Addison
Growing up in the projects of an urban city with seven siblings housed in a tiny apartment, Rafael managed to remain focused on school and basketball. A high school star, who went on to attend Syracuse University, he fulfilled his dreams and played over a decade in the NBA. Always giving back, �Raf� returned to his roots to teach and coach in the neighborhood where he grew up. He is a shining example of how positive decision-making and persevering against the odds can result in success.
[Rafael's biography]

Bob LosureBob

A former CNN anchor and correspondent for 12 years, Bob Losure is a captivating keynote speaker, moderator, and emcee with over 230 appearances worldwide since 1992. Bob's broadcast career included coverage of Hurricane Hugo, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, and the 1990 Avianca airliner crash on Long Island. He shares his courageous story of beating cancer, triumphing over adversity, and living his dream. Bob is also in demand in voiceovers and on-camera corporate and commercial videos.
[Bob's biography]
Joy RodinoJoy

As a lawyer, meditator, and practitioner of healing modalities, Joy imparts to others, from her own experience, the power of stress management and optimal performance techniques, and how they can transform one's life. Ideal for parents, teachers, students, and corporate employees, Joy's heartfelt and dynamic programs inspire others to access their inner resources to achieve healthier, more productive lives.
[Joy's biography]
Sherry Lebed DavisSherry Lebed Davis
A breast cancer survivor, a Lymphedema survivor, and a survivor of Chronic Active Hepatitis C., Sherry has developed a unique healing program called "The Lebed Method, Focus on Healing Through Movement and Exercise." This revolutionary therapeutic exercise program has helped to positively reinforce the love of life and the benefits of exercise to thousands of cancer survivors and their families.
[Sherry's biography]
Cornell BrunsonCornell Brunson
Cornell is a cancer survivor who has devoted 25 years of his life to implementing mental health and treatment programs within prison systems. Internationally certified as a drug and alcohol counselor, he has himself battled addiction and his recovery has allowed him to help many people with their own substance abuse problems, both in his own community and around the country. Cornell also specializes in gang prevention programs, serving as a role model for today's youth.
[Cornell's biography]

Bruce GeorgeBruce

Bruce is a social activist, writer, editor, entrepreneur, and author. He is the Co-Founder of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on HBO, and he has received multiple awards for his innovative work. Bruce has spoken at many colleges and universities and to grassroots organizations and corporations. Bruce has been blessed with the ability to reach people from all walks of life from those on both ends of the economic spectrum.
[Bruce's biography]
Greg BennickGreg Bennick
Greg's own "Get Involved!" presentations blend comedy, juggling, fun audience participation, and a powerful message about personal transformation. Greg's clients include Fortune 1000 companies, associations, universities, and other groups worldwide. With over 20 years of professional entertainment and speaking experience, Greg is a guaranteed sure-fire hit. When you want to engage your entire group in a fun and unforgettable experience, look no further.
[Greg's biography]
Eugenie MukeshimanaEugenie Mukeshimana
Eugenie is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. She was 8 months pregnant and living in Kigali when the genocide unleashed. After moving to the U.S. in 2001, Eugenie began to publicly share her experiences with students across the country to educate them about the dangers of hatred, inflammatory language, violence, and lack of concern for others. She uses her life story to inspire others to rise above personal setbacks and tragedies.
[Eugenie's biography]
Lorna RileyLorna
Named "Consummate Speaker of the Year," Lorna is a 25 year+ international speaker and founder CEO of Chart Learning Solutions. She is the winner of five productivity and speaker awards, has written over 220 productivity programs in Sales, Customer Service, and Leadership, authored nine books, four Coaching Guides, 220 e-Learning courses, and assessments in Sales, Leadership, Management, and Customer Service. She is a frequent contributor to trade publications and featured in magazines and radio.
[Lorna's biography]

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