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    K-12 Schools / Youth Organizations

    Testimonial Archives

    from our students
    "I came up to you at the end of class and then I told you, "I also have cerebral palsy." And then you smiled and said, "But it doesn't need to have you." Those words will be in my memory forever because I never thought of it that way." -- Danielle, 10th Grader

    from our teachers
    As a teacher, I can only hope that at least once during the year I successfully touch their lives as you have touched theirs in just one hour." -- Mrs. MacKenzie, 5th Grade Teacher

    from our PTA associations
    "As the students journeyed with him via his personal video, they got a glimpse of his childhood, one much like their own, filled with bright hopes for the future. They remained captivated as he spoke of the morning he awoke never to walk again." -- Noreen Daniel, PTA President, Califon, New Jersey

    from our school principals and administrators
    "Thank you for the excellent program that your company presented to the 8th grade classes. The rapport with students was exceptional. The children were totally enthralled with the two programs. One of my teachers remarked to me, "This is the best assembly program I've seen in 20 years." -- Stephen C. Melofchik, Assistant Principal, Long Valley Middle School, Long Valley, New Jersey

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