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ADD From The Inside

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  • Parent and Teacher Workshops on Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Disability Awareness
  • Overcoming Adversity
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    As class sizes within our public school systems increase, so do the number of distractions in the classroom. As a result, we see an increase in the number of distracted students and then the number of students targeted for (and labeled as), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Unfortunately, what is being largely overlooked is a focus on understanding ADD as opposed to merely labeling it. We end up knowing much about the 'deficience' of ADD and less about the 'difference'.

    Poor comprehension of the root of the difficulty often leads us to rush ADDers instead of refocus them. Speed is equated with competency. There is no reason why our teachers and the public should be left in the dark and fall prey to misconception. To all appearances, over half of today's students are being afflicted by something called "ADD".

    Most know what ADD looks like, but not what it feels like. Tracy's program presents a unique opportunity to explore the nature of ADD firsthand. She invites people to partake in activities that simulate ADD experiences . Tracy puts words to and sheds light on, experiences of true tangent pursuit, sensory bombardment, and environmental dependency (aka transition trouble). This "insiders view" helps initiate discussions on appropriate and effective ways to work with attentional difficulties, and also motivates students to overcome their own disability.

    Tracy presents continuum theories on understanding ADD and its presence in society. She offers a new look at different 'expressions' of ADD, along with techniques to aid students in performing at their best. Techniques on 'handling hyperactivity' such as tangent tracking, kinesthetic contact, and 'creative chunking' of information are emphasized.

    Program Titles

  • ADD From The Inside
  • Handling Hyperactivity

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