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Photo of Victor PaciniVictor Pacini

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  • Self-esteem Enhancement
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Character Development
  • Parent Workshops
  • Staff Development
  • Dream Building
  • Commencement Addresses
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
  • Dreamshops for College Students


    Everyone can relate to Victor because he has the vibrant look of a youngster, a smile that captivates audiences young and old, the charisma to deliver his message as intended, and the history to intensify the delivery with a passion. He has a burning desire to have you leaving feeling not only rejuvinated but perhaps with a different thought process than you arrived with. Utilizing his own life's experiences, he grabs audience attention with original songs that relay a topic to be discussed in an interactive forum.

    Like most motivational speakers, Victor touches on ideas that are inside most of us somewhere just waiting to be cultivated. The musical interludes provide a commercial of sorts in the midst of some very valid and important thoughts. You can clearly witness the magic he is performing as audience member after audience member raise their hands to share their input. Victor is on a personal mission to change the world one person at a time. His dream is to inspire these people to realize the potential they have within themselves and to be the best possible person they can. Before programs end there is a built in quiz unnoticed by the participants to identify just how much they gleaned from their visit with Victor. So eager to share their new found realizations, it is obvious that everyone feels some connection with this incredibly talented individual not wanting their time together to end. From age 4 through 102 his universal messages are clearly stated in a fun and unimposing way creating mental homework to take with you in your daily life.

    A born entertainer, starting his career on stage at the age of eight, >Victor developed his profession after obtaining a B.A. degree in graphic design which he incorporates into his own marketing materials. Having modeled, and performed as a singer for near 25 years, coupled with life's experiences Victor is not just a speaker and he is not just a performer but rather an incredibly memorable entertainer. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a victim of an alcoholic father, the premature death of his mother, the subsequent murder of his sister and so much more Victor rallies to remind us that "life is not always perfect" but 'if we change the way we look at things the things we look at change'. One of many quotes he paraphrases while aptly giving kudos to the author. Victor reminds us that "life is like a boomerang .... what you give out will eventually come back". Likened to Leo Buscalia, Victor's message of love shines through and through.

    Program Titles

  • Your Dreams
  • The Artist Within
  • Dreamshops
  • Overcoming Obstacles

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    "You helped me provide our delegates with a great convention-exciting, positive, inspiring, and full of possibilities." -- Mary Williams, Past President of Indiana PTA

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